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As moms we are always second guessing ourselves, positive about nothing except that we are totally screwing our kids up.  These posts reflect that insecurity as well as my thoughts on mama life in general.  I am so lucky to be part of an excellent village to help guide me.  I am in the debt of wonderful moms before me, whose lead I aspire to follow... if only I could keep up!  Also... there are a few, poorly done, mama crafts here <3

Back to School Steps for Success
Breastfeeding, A Reflection
Why Staying Home {or going to work} Doesn't Make You Mom of the Year
That Time I *MAY* Have Imagined the Mommy Wars
Entertaining with Toppah
Things Mom Can Do While Driving
A Time to Learn
Community, Kindness, & Support.  A Village.
Why Moms Like Bag Parties
Why I Don't Stress about Sleep
Mean Girls &  Mean Moms, the Mommy Wars
Know it Alls & the Mommy Wars (2)
A Year of Dates 
Best Bridal Shower Gift 
Guilty Pleasures 
Lessons, Hot Coffee, & a Weekend Away
It Takes a Village

There are a few mama blogs that I love and aspire to be more like:

BWS tips button

This page encourages us to be good to one another!  Sad we need it but I love her page.

My LIfe and Kids

Can't stop laughing.  Honestly.

Two Degrees Of Suburbia

I can't find her real button - but she's great!  Funny, real, sarcastic.  All my fav things.

I love this page for lots of reasons - most of all because I love how British blogging makes being a mom sound much cooler :)

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