Why Moms Like Bag Parties (& makeup parties, & kitchenware parties, &... any other parties)

This weekend I had a 31 Bags party at my house.  When I invited my mom she told me that she "never goes" to "those kind of parties" because they "aren't fun" and she always feels "pressured to buy something she doesn't need."

Here's why she's 100% wrong. 

This morning I picked up poop off the rug. It wasn't stuck to the rug, it was just like a few marbles, rolling around on it.  Just needed picking up.

I'm not complaining, I know it's all part of being a mom.

I spent Saturday night washing and folding diapers, after scrubbing up yogurt and applesauce stuck to the floor.  I didn't wash the whole floor, just the part where the sticky yogurt and applesauce spilled.

Again, not a complaint, just a description of what my Saturday night looks like.

I sweep the floor 5 times a day, minimum, and it's still NEVER clean.

Maybe, I am complaining a little...

So the thought of a party, that doesn't include a craft, pin the tail on the donkey, and artificially colored filled candy bags sounds good to any mom.

There are lots of kinds of parties (which is good, because we want to go to all of them).

Mary Kay
Pampered Chef
Barefoot Books
31 Bags
Tastefully Simple
There are tons more...

In fact, if we could purchase everything at a party, WE WOULD!

Now, it's not like we don't enjoy regular "parties." You know the ones from before we had kids.  They take place at night (past 9), you have to wear something other than yoga pants, drive in the dark, end late, and might result in you not feeling great the following day.  It's not like we don't appreciate those parties... because we do... it's just shopping parties have fewer side effects that hamper your mothering (depending on how much shopping you do - ie: if you buy too much Tupperware and now don't have room for food... that may hamper your mothering).

Shopping parties, while fun to buy things at, are a time where women can get together without the bother of picking poop out of the carpet AND without the bother of a hangover.  They typically take place during the day and while they include an adult beverage or two, usually things are kept under control because too many adult beverages might result in unintended purchases <read enough bags to keep everything in your house in a bag... just picture it>

It won't look as nice as this:

Now if you're hosting one at your house, it is recommended you do that before everyone gets there, and before you ditch your kids elsewhere for the day/night/weekend (depending on how many parties you have lined up).

Here's what is required at a party:

A representative.  
Now, if your circle of friends <not talking about G+ circles, those aren't real friends, and I boycott that new myspace anyways> is wide enough - it is preferable to have one friend who is also your representative for each of the above companies.  THEN you can host a party (with her) as can all of your friends, pretty much booking your weekends for the rest of the year.  You can each buy one thing at each party, and by the end of the year you will have a full makeup set! 

Lots of women.
These parties are no fun if only two people show up.


Yummy food.
This is food that you can put all around the house.  Low coffee tables and end tables as well... as there are no kids to throw the crackers all over the floor!  Focus on foods that are not kid friendly, ones they hate, so you can eat all the leftovers after the party.  A personal favorite of ours is raw cookie dough (REAL raw cookie dough, not those pinterest fake ones that are cookie dough 'dip' without the scare that you might get salmonella because that takes all the fun out of eating it).  Incidentally, we eat it out of the same bowl.

At least a small desire to shop at some point.
You DO NOT have to buy something at each party (mom), certainly if you're attending a party a week (or a month) you don't have to buy something at every party!  But let's face it, shopping is relaxing, cathartic, and fun, so hide some of your carpet cleaning money to bring to the party to shop. 

A desire to connect with your village or your community.
With all these crazy online mommy wars, it's nice to be a part(y) of a real life village of women talking about what works and what doesn't.  It makes you feel like you're not alone in your struggles or successes   That you're not totally crazy, that there is hope for the future (at least for other people's kids).   Having the assistance of the wisdom of a bunch of moms hopped up on excitement about shopping for bags/makeup/kitchen products they don't need is irreplaceable.  

And that, mom, is why ladies love to party.

Do you hear that businesses? Market your products to us with parties.




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