In defense of Mom Jeans

Ahhh the weekend.

A time to dress down, get comfy, and paint my new skinny jeans on.

They SO IN.


They are

They squeeze, highlight my thighs, and cut off the circulation in my feet.

As I was trying to walk in them I really appreciated my coziest pair of mom jeans.  I got to thinking about the bad rap that Mom Jeans get when in reality, they might just be the best thing I own... I mean other than yoga pants.  

Mom Jeans...

  • Go high up, like way high, past your c-section scar. 
  • Are the ones that you could never tuck into a pair of ugg boots because they are so wide, cozy, and frayed at the bottom that they remind you of your husband's old corduroy jnco pants... from college... when skateboarding was more important than class.  
  • They ALWAYS match your fave pair of sneakers you found on discount at Costco.
  • NEVER reveal even your highest thong granny panties when you bend down to change a diaper.
  • Double as a dishtowel, blanket, tissue, paper towel, eraser, pot holder, while you're wearing them.
  • Have real pockets - not those sewn shut ones, the ones you can fill with thomas trains, binkies, snacks, and tissues - full pockets also emphasize our curves which is nice.
  • Are always the "in color" - they are never too white washed, too faded, too dark, or too yellowed to wear - because they match ANY men's t-shirt you could find.
  • Don't come with ANY fake - ready-cut holes in them, any holes that do develop can be patched with other old pairs of jeans.
  • Match your favorite applique holiday themed shirts (which match your flashing earrings and necklaces).
  • Can be beachwear!  Cut them at just below the knee for a comfy pair of cover-ups for your fave skirted one piece!
  • Go so high you can actually tuck your muffin top into them, sure is bulges out below the waistline... but with the right, super tight smoothing tank top, you will NEVER notice it under my huge sweater stained sweatshirt.
  • 3 words, "Modest is HOTTEST"
  • Double as maternity jeans for the first 1-7 months of your pregnancy
What's YOUR favorite thing about mom jeans?



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