Finding the "it" Factor in Teaching

There's something going on in education.  

I mean there is always something going on in education... new swings in curriculum and instructions are par for the course and to be expected.  With research and study, changes will be made to make things better.  No one in any profession is ever finished learning right?  Think of all moms and dads learn everyday about how to do our most important jobs at home better :)   

But lately - there is something else going on... and I haven't be able to put my finger on it until now.

Go back to school with me will you?

Imagine your favorite teacher, the one you learned the most from, the best teacher you ever had.

Did you know that teacher was good at his/her job on the first day of school?  The second?

My guess is you did.  

When you walk into the room of a teacher who has "it" you just know. 

You know it's going to be a good year.  
You know you're going to learn and that your interests will be valued.  
You know they are going to be a mix of strict but totally fair.  
You know they will care about you outside the classroom and inside the classroom as a student, but more importantly as a person.  

You know the teacher gets "it".

Policy makers today, not educators, are trying to quantify, duplicate, publish, and sell - "it".


What is "it"?

It's a long list... but think of your best teachers - you could make a list of what made them great right?

Good teaching
Good curriculum
Good instruction
Good communication
Good collaboration
Good sense of humor
Good classroom decorating
Ability to differentiate instruction 
Ability to come in before and after school for help
Ability to teach students hard things over the course of time

... could you add 50 more things? 40?  30?  Could you make a rubric or a checklist for how to do each one of those things?

You had teachers who had "it" but could you quantify "it"?  All of "it"? 
Measure "it"?  
Teach "it"?  
Collect data on "it"?  
Fit "it" into an evaluation rubric?

I totally get it.  I get why we try to quantify "it".

Are there bad teachers? Absolutely.

Are there good teachers that could be better? Absolutely.

Are there good teachers that over time get worse? Absolutely.

But in other fields, measurement of how well a job is done is much more easily quantified.  I bet you can still recognize "it" like you can in teaching - but you can also back it up with how much product you produce, or customer evaluations, or in most cases profits.  

In teaching... you have 25 different variables in the room every 45 minutes.  And these, I promise, are the very best kind of variables.  The ones who challenge you, teach you, show you how to be better... but they are variables.

So... with good intentions (I hope) people with lots more power than teachers (congressmen, senators, curriculum development companies, millionaires, presidents) have tried to quantify what a good teacher is.  

After quantifying it... they want to print it, duplicate it, sell it, mandate it... so that even teachers without "it" can do it.

They do this with similar curriculum, scripts, tests, and lots of measures to show students are learning.

I get it I do... there is pressure to PROVE students are learning.

Big pressure.
Pressure that comes with tons of $$ for schools who show it.
Pressure from rightfully concerned parents and community members.
Pressure from students who are in a global community of learners, competing for college spots, and jobs with students from all over.
Pressure from administrators trying to keep up with what their districts are doing... who are trying to keep up with what their states are doing... 

But... in the end... I just think we are trying desperately to quantify something that changes with our students every 45 minutes.

What is "it" for one group... might be totally different for another group.

So... what's to be done to improve my profession?  How can I get better at what I do?  How can I make sure I BRING "IT" every single day?! 

What makes ANYONE better at what they do?

Teamwork... with colleagues, administrators, and community members.  We have a common goal and common concerns right... success for students?

Collaboration with other teachers.  

Providing teachers who have "it" a seat at the table... or at a lot of tables actually... tables where curriculum is being developed, tests are being made, standards are being developed, evaluations are being produced.  Get good teachers there.  Ask them what works.  Ask them what doesn't.  Trust them.

Trust people who are focused on students.  Our trust should go first to groups whose interests center around supporting student learning.  Unfortunately... students aren't money makers... curriculum, testing, books... those are moneymakers.  If those are the endgame... perhaps they aren't the right people to trust with what makes good teachers for students.

Encourage teachers who have "it" to share "it" - to run professional development on their best practices, to observe colleagues and provide suggestions, to open up their own room to observations from others, to write articles on their best lessons and activities.

Keep focused on what is important, and try, really try, to let the rest go.  Education ebbs and flows... changes with administrations, budgets, natural disasters, research.  

Know that what is important, NEVER changes, students.  

They are here, everyday, so BRING "IT" teachers, if you lose "it", seek it out from your colleagues, brush up in a night class, observe your peers, and BRING "IT" BACK.  

And try to let the rest of it go.


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