Organic, Homemixed, Non-Toxic, Pest Control

So in addition to planting my veggies among my pretty petunias, marigolds, and stinky herbs that bugs hate - I have needed an additional bug repellent this year.  My plants were covered in bugs, eating up the leaves and leaving my plants looking so sad.  Neem oil was recommended to me - and here is what I did! 

This was SO easy - and SO SO effective!  It is totally non-toxic and organic (depending on the products you choose).

I used:
1 and 1/2 tsp of Extra Virgin Neem Oil
1/4 tsp of soap (any soap you use is fine - you just need a tiny amount - I used some organic Ava hand soap)
24 oz of warm water
24 oz spray bottle 

You will need to shake it each time you use it, but spray your plants late in the evening or in the morning, leaves, stems, etc.  I did it right after a rain to ensure the oil wouldn't be immediately washed away... and have done it about once every 2 weeks since.  The neem oil smells a little like old potatoes and onions, but doesn't affect the produce.  Neem oil has lots of other uses too - so check out what else you can use it for!! 




Anonymous said...

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Julia Nyanyo said...

My Grandad always used a water spray with just a little soap in it. It helped but never completely solved his bug problems. I don't think he would have known what Neem oil even is but sounds like that could have been the magical missing ingredient.

Anonymous said...

Just learned that Native Americans were well aware of the benefits of neem oil for insect control...pretty sure they had a decent handle n all things Earth! I am about to mix up my first batch.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the tip! Now I'm off to plant a garden. :)

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