Why I'm Sticking with Organic...

You've seen the articles right?

The Tyranny of the Organic Mommy Mafia 

Organic Food is not Healthier than Conventional Produce

They have inflammatory titles and talk about me (and you perhaps) as though we are FORCING people to [voluntarily] purchase organic food - because we have been deluded to believe it is higher in vitamins than conventionally produced food.  I am presented as a mom who won't allow my child to parties or to school where NON ORGANIC food is served.  Get a grip on reality people.  Honestly, people are overestimating their importance. The mommy wars are a real blast, but for real?  

In order of preference here is how we acquire food to consume in our house:
1. we grow it and eat it fresh
2. we grow it and eat it canned
3. we purchase it from a local, farm, from a farmer we know, who uses sustainable and organic practices 
4. we purchase it organic from the store

In MOST cases we buy things with few ingredients (like 5-10) and only things we can pronounce..

These articles cite tests and studies that quite frankly aren't testing and studying what concerns me about conventional foods.  Here is why we will continue to eat organic foods in my house:

  • Our government has YET TO TEST the long term effects of GMOs in our food.  Europe won't allow it into their food, Kraft and other AMERICAN companies keep them out of our exports, why should we be subject to the unknown consequences of these UNTESTED changes to our food supply?  Organic food cannot have any GMO components.
  • Organic food is produced with stricter pesticide requirements and no synthetic fertilizers.
  • It tastes better.  Don't take my word for it - eat an organic strawberry and a conventional one.
  • Organically fed animals are more likely to be fed a diet that is natural to them (ie: grass fed beef).
  • No hormones.  None.
  • Because eating "natural" food means absolutely nothing according to our laws.
  • There are some unexplained changes that have occurred since our food supply has been messed with... sure they could have been caused by cell phones, or facebook, or video games or baby formula... but the increase in ADD, autism, obesity, food allergies, is pretty damning evidence that SOMETHING is going on with our bodies... how about going back to the basics of cooking from scratch, with ingredients you can pronounce, from your backyard if possible... can it HURT?  It is bothering anyone?
In short, organic food is produced closer to the way I produce food at my house, or my farmer produces food on her farm.  It tastes better.  That's why I'm eating it.  That's why my kids are eating it.

YOU, are free to do as you wish.  No mafia is coming after you, my kids will still go to birthday parties at your house, and you know what - I DON'T even think about it when we're out and away from home.  I work only on what I can control and let go of what I can't.  You should too - organic food or not.  

It's an offer I'm sure you can't refuse... {evil laugh here}




Peggy Gilbey McMackin said...

Loaded Issue, but super great points and great Post! Kudos to you in the healthy eating habits you inspire in your home.

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

Thanks Peggy!

Karen said...

I just started ( few weeks ago) going organic/non-gmo . I rent and can't garden but buy from Whole Foods and look forward to the farmers markets opening soon. While it does cost a bit more, I feel better and love knowing my family is eating healthier (well hubby kind of eating healthier)

Jessica B said...

Great post. It's not about controlling everyone else, it's about controlling what happens in your house. How is that anyone's business?

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