Candied Carrots

ENJOY these!  They were one of the best parts of Easter dinner and are always a hit around our house :) 

Candied Carrots
We use organic, fair trade, and or local ingredients
Peel and cut as many carrots** as you want/have (we LOVE the organic rainbow kind… but we are growing just plain old carrots in the garden)

3-5 tbs butter (the more carrots the more butter)

1 big tablespoon of honey (no matter how many carrots you have a heaping tablespoon should be enough – the carrots themselves, cooked slowly, are super sweet)

Optional (for those who are the sugaring type…) 1 tbs brown sugar mmmmmm.

Cut your carrots evenly and put into a sauce pan with butter and honey (and sugar).

Cook over low heat slowly with a cover… sometimes we cook them for more than an hour.

Enjoy.  They are sweet… almost like candy and they are a HUGE hit!  

**In this case you really NEED organic carrots.  They are sweeter than regular carrots… I don’t know the science behind it – but if you don’t believe me do a blind taste test…



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