One Ingredient Maple Candy

Looking for something else to do with ALL that snow? How about some easy peasy maple candy?  No HFCS here!  No artificial colors or flavors... just 100% pure, organic, maple syrup :) 

So take some maple syrup (straight-up people - none of that Aunt Jemima Log Cabin crap) and put it in a sauce pan.

It helps to have a candy thermometer but you can also just watch the syrup.  When the bubbles change from frothy to stiff(er), from the middle picture to the right, OR the temp hits 230/235ish you're all set.  

Pour your hot candy syrup, in ribbon, over some packed snow in a bowl or pan.



Allow kids to play with snow all over table, floor, get everything sticky, and then complain that their mouth is stuck together with syrup candy :) you're making memories people! 

PS - brush teeth.  repeat.  x2.



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