Crunchy First Aid

So last year I posted about Crunchy Cures... and we still use all of those fab things when we are feeling yucky... I have however taken to traveling with a first aid kit of homeopathic and crunchy stuff. It's nothing fancy, and short of the oranges... we really do travel everywhere with it - and it gets sent to daycare for the kiddos if they aren't feeling great.  

{before you continue... I'm a history teacher not a doctor - so don't get your doctoring here}

Here's what we keep handy: 

Elderberry Concentrate - immune boosting, black/purple berry goodness, taste strong and gross, I mix it with water/honey/coconut water/juice/turn it into pops to make it edible 

Coconut Water: "enjoy chilled" hahahaha yea right - it tastes like peepee.  High in electrolytes, must be mixed with something to make it drinkable. 

Citrus, fresh squeezed: mix it with your Elderberry or coconut water

PeppermintEucalyptus, and Tea Tree oils: they are great in a diffuser to clear congestion, I have also used tea tree to treat small skin irritations, zits, etc - but read the directions for each - some are toxic to skin.

Chest Rub: a natural non-vicks variety

Hylands Cough and Cold Day and Night: we use it at the first sign of a cold - it works great! 

Local Honey: good for sore throats, tea, and helping fight illness in your particular area allegedly :) 

Coconut Oil: for dry and irritated skin

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace: is it hocus pocus?  Does it reduce inflammation?  Ease teething pain?  You decide.

Happy travels!!



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