What's Right with Today's Kids

Many times you hear things.

Things about how kids, teens, and young adults are without morals, selfish, thoughtless, rude, and so into their phones that they can't see anything else.

I, however, having chosen to spend most of my time with said kids, and I have to disagree. 

I have to disagree, because it's wrong.  

Are there problems with a generation taught to believe that everybody wins, everybody gets an A, and everybody graduates from college and should get a kick-butt job - SURE - but people... I promise there is SO much right with today's kids.  

Let's focus on that.  I think if we do the rest will fall into place.

Today's kids are:
  1. Accepting.  Today's kids accept everyone.  EVERY.ONE.  This has become the norm, it is non-negotiable.  It is amazing.  This goes for kids who are in their classes who might struggle for whatever reason, kids in the hall who don't look or act the same as "everyone else", kids who have less than they do, kids who have more.  Today's kids are far more accepting of all differences.  Not tolerant.  Accepting.
  2. Generous.  Sometimes to a fault.  I think all kids struggle to know how to best spend their money (hell, so do I!), but the kids I know, today's kids, are happy to share it, and give it away to those who need it more.  Food drive?  They're in.  Philippines relief?  Sign them up.  Today's kids want to help.  They want everyone to have the chances they do.  Today's kids are generous.
  3. Moral. Yup.  They are.  I know, you're all like, WAIT, they are sexting pictures on their phones, and watching terrible movies, and playing terrible video games - but I am here to tell you that LOTS of times, kids.do.the.right.thing.  The small thing.  The kind thing.  They pick up trash on the floor.  They hold the door for the teacher with her hands full.  They answer the phone for you.  They look out for the kid who needs some extra love, even if it is the same kid that is driving them insane.  They seek help for a friend that they themselves can't help.  They show you what is good, what is right, and what is moral. 
  4. Environmental.  Today's kids are far more knowledgeable about all things environmental than ever before.  They are concerned about their impact on their community as well as the world.  Sometimes they choose not to act on this knowledge, but they know more about organic food and renewable energy than I did as a teenager! 
  5. Loving.  Sure, they love each other, their parents, their fave teachers, but kids today LOVE on a big scale.  They are so connected to everything, everywhere.  They see suffering a world away and today's kids FEEL it.  They want to solve it.  They want to help.  Today's kids care about problems I didn't even know existed in high school.  They care, they love, they want to change things.
There's lots wrong in the world, we all know it.  But I for one have lots of hope.  LOTS of it.  Today's kids love larger, dream bigger, and help more.  If anyone can heal our divides, faults, and failures, today's kids can do it.  

Today's kids WILL do it.




Crystal Green said...

This is actually a wonderful post. When I first started reading it I was gun hoo to debate with you, but you made it impossible to deny that you're right on target. There are many kids who are doing all the things you mentioned, but they get lost in the mix of all the negative things other kids are doing.

Literally as I was reading this, my soon to be two year old was picking up the pieces of paper my puppy tore up all over our floor. My middle son was helping my two year old be able to enjoy riding her horsey around the living room. My oldest son is helping his Mommy market our blog (we home school and his live lesson class is about to start soon so he can't get involved in to many other tasks right now.)
So, you made a very wonderful point worth reading. Thank you for this reminder that it's not all bad.

Rose @ Walnut Acre said...

Thank you so much for this positive post. It is so important for our kids to know we value what they are doing right. :-)

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