My Favorite Mama Christmas Things!

Happy Black Friday! 

I love it.  I love cyber Monday.  I love coffee and shopping everyday.

Getting up before the sun, before my kids, sneaking out, getting a coffee, and then wandering around for the first hours of the day.  Sometimes I buy things, sometimes I don't, but I always people watch.  

I'm not a mow-others-down, have to get to Walmart, kinda girl.  I hate Walmart.  I do love sipping coffee strolling in and out of every store (but Walmart), listening to Christmas songs, enjoying being by myself in the midst of many.

I am trying a new way of shopping for the kids this year... but below... these are the gifts I am hoping are under your tree this year, for YOU!  I hope they help you relax, stay comfortable and warm, and reward you for your all our mommy goodness!  You deserve it :) 

Here are my top 5 favorite mama things THIS year (or more accurately... right now... more to come later!)... 

The Kai Beanie {MaxLove Organic}
The Kai Beanie, made by MaxLove.  Named after the sweetest boy, with the strongest mama, MaxLove created an organic beanie dedicated to Kai.  These will definitely be under the tree this year.

I know, kind of a splurge, but I am a huge iPad fan.  It is my only iAnything - and I love it.  LOVE it.  It's a facebook machine, it's a book, it's a movie screen, it's a boom box, it's a laptop replacement. 

I might be dreaming... but these are the rage in the Northeast... do you have a pair?  Are they all they are cracked up to be?  Do they go with your very best yoga pants?!  I am saving up for a pair... or maybe Santa will deliver me some Uggs

I'm not going into the gory details don't worry - but mamas - do yourselves a favor, your feet are comfy cozy in those Uggs, will you please TRY a cup so you can be comfortable... everywhere?!  PLEASE?  It is going to change your life.  Guaranteed. 


These candles.  Honestly.  Peace, serenity, soy goodness.  I love them!

What's on your Christmas list? Any of the things I hope you'll get? 




Jen Niles said...

This sounds like fun--the sneaking out alone part. I have to start every day updating MassMoms so I really have to grab the quiet time for that and any other quiet-dependent tasks. But I have snuck out for groceries in the early hours once or twice and it really is NICE.

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