10 Reasons I LOVE Being Back at Work

I had such a wonderful year off.  My kids and I had so much fun, there was bonding, getting muddy, visiting lots of places, and tons of snuggles.  It was such a hard decision to return to my job after being off with them for a while - but I am so so happy I did.

10.  Time "off."  For that 20 minutes from 6:45 when I get to work, until the students in my homeroom start walking in the door, I am off, with some hot coffee, uninterrupted, enjoying the quiet.  It's not much... but I'll take it!

9.  Adult interaction.  Don't get me wrong, it's not all good.  There is drama and gossip just like that I found when I was home last year, but man is it nice to sit next to another adult all day every day.  She never EVER asks me to wipe her bum.

8.  Crock pot cooking!  For some reason I could never get it together when I was home... but I'm back baby.  Check the end of the post for some fab recipes!

7. I.love.teaching.  I love what I do.  I love the curriculum development, the changes, the tweaking of lessons (I'm careful not to twerk don't worry...), the kids, the school, I love all of it.

6. Uninterrupted lunch.  I know, you're jealous of my 15 minute lunch - but I have to tell you... after a year of skipping lunch for fear someone wouldn't get down for a nap on time OR kids stealing my lunch - that 15 minutes is a little slice of heaven... usually with a bowl of soup... or leftovers... see #8.

5.  I don't change all the diapers anymore.

4.  Getting kids in and out of their snowsuits... no longer a daily winter occurrence!  Bless you daycare... bless you.

3. I must remove the yoga pants from my wardrobe.  At least during the week ;)

2. I am forced to get more sleep and just manage my time better all around...

1.  I appreciate my time with the kids 100000000 times more.  I can't lie, there were many times last year that I couldn't imagine what the heck I was going to do with the boys all day.  I'm sorry... it's true.  I value my time with them now so.much.more.  I look forward to 3pm, every single weekend, every single [before 5am] wake up.  When I run in their room and they are grinning, ready for the day, I'm not angry they're awake, I am happy they can't wait to start the day.  When I pick them up from daycare, and E drops what he is doing and comes running to hug me, smiling, babbling about what they did that day, pointing to his dirty pants, and painted pictures, my heart is so full.  Do I feel guilty I didn't feel that way last year?  Absolutely.  Am I happy we're all happy now? Yes.  Yes I am.

back-to-school-cookbookIf you're in need of some crock pot inspiration - PLEASE - check out this fab E-Book Bundle of books!  For realz - it is $37 for $1,037 worth of reading on: cooking, mothering, healthy living, gluten free living, paleo recipes, exercising (you know I didn't even read those ones) and more!  I loved Stephanie Cornais' Back to School Slow Cooker E-Book.  Gluten free, filling, delicious crock pot recipes... mmmmm Honey Apple Chicken Stew!


I share my posts here.  It's an awesome list.  Check it out.  Seriously.  It's a great list and if you visit blog parties you are going to want to check them out!  It's up to date, organized by day, and the links all work <3


Anita Ferreri said...

It is wonderful that you stopped to write down all the pluses to having it all! It's not all a bed of roses but you are looking for the positives in your busy life!

Ellie Petrov said...

Beautiful post, K! I can absooooolutely relate to all of them. Your students AND your kiddos are so lucky to have you! XOXOXOX, ellie

Haeley said...

You will never convince me that wearing dress pants is better than yoga pants, never! Other than that I can relate.

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

Ha! I am loving the maxi skirts :) more comfortable than yoga pants!

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

Haha having it all! :) I do love it all :)

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

<3 Thanks Ellie!

Blogger said...

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