Old School Tips for Keeping Your Cool

You've seen the facebook status complaints, heard the hum of window ac units in your neighborhood, and heck you've said it yourself - it's h-o-t!!!

I found myself thinking - what the HECK did people do before they could run three window ac units for 8 days straight of a heat wave, you know before there was a 'heat index' or a 'feels like' temperature.

To give me a LITTLE bit of street cred... I spent all my summers growing up... for the whole summer... living in a tent at girl scout camp with no electric and no flushing toilets.  We still had campfires.

Here are some ideas for keeping your cool:
1. Shade
2. Water (to drink and to play in)
3. Fans (not the electric kind)
4. Mud (followed by a cold shower)
5. Cool foods (nothing cooked... ice cream for dinner... lemonade with freshly picked berries)
6. Water balloons, water guns, soaked sponges, and a battle.  OR - arm everyone, then prohibit anyone from saying a common word (no, yes, hot, cold, hungry... etc)... anytime someone says it - SOAK them.
7. Slip and slides (hint... all you need is plastic and water... not the expensive set)
8. Have a backwards day.  Stay up all night, outside.  Have a camp 'fire' lit by flashlights, stargaze, play flashlight tag... sleep when it's hot the next day
9. Duck, duck, water.
10. Submerge yourself in a bathtub full of ice, with a frosty beverage. jk.

Here are some things I am glad I don't have to worry about in the summer 2013:
1. Outhouses
2. Walking/riding into town to the ice house to try chip some ice to 'refrigerate' my perishables 
3.  Two words: wool.underwear.
4. Being pregnant... with no air conditioning
5. Milking a (hot, stinky, fly covered) cow
6. Cooking over a fire
7. Layers
8. The family bath
9. Lack of deodorant (even the natural kind)
10. Powdered wigs

Here are some things I bet the pioneers wish they had:
1. Water fan
2. This fridge
3. Air conditioned clothes
4. Personal cooling devices
5. Outhouse deodorizer 

Stay cool!




Lisa Newlin said...

We had no money growing up so we learned how to keep cool for super cheap. One great thing to do is take hand towels and get them wet with cold water and put them around your neck. If you want to keep extra cool, put those in the freezer or the fridge for a while. It's amazing!

Alice Emma Thompson said...

Hey at least you guys have air con - we only have freak hot weather once a decade so don't think anyone has it in their house.

Love the guide camp picture - can so identify that. Used to love it so much.

Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

great idea!

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

Yes - we do - we finally got to turn it all off... ahhhh the quiet. I loved camp :)

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