{trying to} Prevent Pests Naturally

Disclaimer!  I don't know if any of these work!!  So if you're pinteresting - I am TRYING these things - I promise I will do an update at the end of the summer <3

I used to work at a greenhouse - so an excuse to add flowers to my veggie garden makes me smile!  I loved my greenhouse time... it was always warm, smelled good, and I got to get the coolest farmer tan every summer :)

I have done a bit of research (in between two potty emergencies - not mine - breakfast, drinking cold coffee, teaching basic addition to my 4 year old, and putting E down for a nap...) and here is what I have decided to try this year:

Marigolds: This comes from my mama.  Marigolds are supposed to prevent deer, little animals, and apparently some bugs from your garden.  Too bad they are so ugly.

Dahlias: Seem to prevent some bugs and attract others... I'm going to roll the dice because I hate marigolds so much.  Dahlias also are really pretty to cut and bring inside... so that may be why I am attached to planting them :)

Nasturtium: Deter white flies and aphids (one of the grossest bugs I have seen - gives me the heebie jeebies just typing it)

Petunias: Thank goodness these reportedly do something because I love petunias!  They are supposed to deter a few kinds of beetles and horn worms (that attack tomatoes).

Lavender: We already have some lavender and I love it - so I am happy to plant some more!  It is supposed to repel fleas, moths, and white flies.  Ick.

Sunflowers: D started some sunflowers at farm school - they are pretty tall already - they can't wait to get outside!  They attract the good bugs to your garden.

Oregano and Mint: Because they are so stinky <read fragrant> they apparently help repel some animals.  BE CAREFUL - both of these can take over pretty quickly - I still have mint in my freezer from last year when it took over half of my raised bed. 

OK.  Off to the garden center!  I wish I lived closer to the one I used to work at!  I promise to 1. take my own pictures of my garden and my attempted pest control and 2. let you know how it works out!  

What do you do for natural pest control?  Sprays? Corn cobs soaked in vinegar (I tried this last year... it smelllllled)?


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Kim M said...

I just pinned this! I hate bugs and refuse to use sprays. I have tried the marigolds and it works! Love the other suggestions! Can't wait to try them out! Thanks! Thanks for hosting! :)

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

thanks for visiting!

Bridgette Adair said...

Aside from beautifying our yards, these plants can prevent pest infestation as well. Good thing we have Lavenders and Marigolds in our garden. I think that the best way to prevent pests from inhabiting your home is by keeping your environment clean.

Jeffrey Goude@BugManiacs said...

How’s the experiment working so far? You know you can also use a bug to get rid of bugs. In case you have aphids infesting your greenhouse, you can control them with ladybugs! Isn’t that cool?

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

It actually worked great! The gardens are covered in a blanket of snow now, but we had NO pest problems :)

Anonymous said...

How close do the anti-pests plants need to be to the rest of the garden?

Kristy Harrington said...

I have read about a lot of naturally made sprays and oils to help keep the pests away but I like these ideas more. Instead of having to make all the stuff I can just add a few plants to my garden. Not only do they look absolutely beautiful but they can easily replace the other repellents I am using. Thank you for posting this!

Kristy Harrington @ Antac Pest

Mr. Robin said...

This blog is further than my expectations. Nice work guys!!!Pests

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