My Non-Negotiables - What You REALLY Need to Know

From time to time I have been asked by my friends... or more accurately my parents' friends - what are the absolute things they need to do to eat healthy.  

Like a top 10.

Honestly.  I don't know.

I am not a professional.

I am just a mom.  Trying to do what's best for my kiddos without being a lunatic.

I would say I am successful about 50% of the time :)

Anyways... here is my "list"...

Have high standards for your food at home –NO GMOs, no artificial coloring, organic if you can

Get to know some farmers – if you’re in an area where there are farms - introduce yourself, check out their farm, get some local sustainable food from them!

Your research!!  There are some great people out there reporting on all things food –100DaysofRealFood and FoodBabe 
are two of my favorites.

Cook from scratch!  Getting back to basics (especially using organic ingredients) makes sure no nasty food additives, preservatives, or anything unnecessary are in your food.

Make as much of your diet, whole, real foods.

Buy minimally processed foods.

Make your own your own non-toxic cleaning supplies!  HINT - vinegar and water... good for pretty much everything :)

Use cloth diapers if you can!

Get into essential oils.

Cut yourself a break.  Just reading about these things are more than the average consumer does!  You’re doing great just finding out what’s out there!

Try doing things naturally first.  All things.
Obsess about things you can’t control (like food eaten outside your house) – I know my kids will eat more food from my house than anywhere else – if they have a red dye filled ice pop at a friend’s house every now and then – it’s ok.

Eat at fast food restaurants – it’s no good, all fried in GMO soy, just stay away from it.

Buy things in packages that don’t need to be in packages (ie: individually wrapped apples and potatoes).

Forget to read the label – it is easy to think that you’re getting something fantastic from some of the deceptive advertising that’s out there!

Believe that “natural” or “all natural” means anything!  It doesn’t.  Either – talk to who made it and find out about their sources OR look for the USDA Organic stamp

Use Johnson and Johnson, just don’t.

Buy anything with an ingredient you can’t pronounce or don’t recognize

Do a lot of soy.  Once you start reading ingredients - it is in EVERYTHING processed and most (95%) is GMO.  It also messes with hormones... yikes!  The 90s told us soy was a perfect protein and we should all be eating it all the time and drinking it up as babies in formula. Not my style.  Read the link for 170 reasons why you should cut it out of your diet.

Reject science.  Lots of times, in lots of cases – medicine is the answer.  Don’t ignore it because sometimes its not!

Like I said, nothing here is hard and fast - it is a slow transition - and even then... aim for 50%  :)  



Heather said...

I wasn't able to click either the link or the picture to see your post. :( I googled the site to read it.


KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

Thanks for posting Heather - it's all fixed :)

Jessica Bialowas said...

It really is worth the click. :) Thanks again.

Kimberly Job said...

Great list! Sounds like you're a great mom.

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