Happy Mother's Day

Hey mamas.

Today's about you... us... and our mamas... and their mamas <3

Remember when you talk to other mamas, when you think of other mamas, when you see them online and in person, we all have our own battles, really really hard ones.

We are all doing our best.  

We are a village of women doing what we can.

Let's lift one another up, help one another, and support each other.  

Let's celebrate our successes together and support our one another in our struggles.  

We all want the same thing for our kids <3

All I have for you today are some of my favorite mama posts.

Enjoy your day mamas. 

Dear New Mamas, Happy Mother's Day.

 Mean Girls and Mean Moms, The Mommy Wars

 Know it Alls & the Mommy Wars

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