Gluten Free {banana, chocolate chip} Pancakes


Before I type everything up and make my pictures look all pretty - this is what my recipes look like:

Don't worry I made it look pretty.

In any case - these were yummy, they had more taste than regular pancakes AND they rose and were nice and fluffy!  Enjoy!

Gluten Free {banana, chocolate chip} Pancakes
We use organic, fair trade, and or local ingredients
1 1/2 cups of oat flour
1/4 cup of teff flour
1/4 cup of tapioca flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup chocolate chips (mini)

2 eggs
1 cup of milk
2 tbs coconut oil
1 mashed ripe banana
1 tsp vanilla

Butter on griddle

Preheat griddle to 350.

Mix dry ingredients with a whisk.

Mix wet ingredients with mashed banana.

Add wet ingredients to dry and whisk well until smooth. 

Butter griddle.

Put small scoops on griddle, when bubbles start to form flip!



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Organized Island said...

These pancakes look good - and I just ate :) Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

NancyC said...

These pancakes sound great! Visiting from Anti-Procrastination Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy!! :) But can the teff flour be replaced by another flour? Oh, and also the coconut oil?

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

sure! butter... and probably most other flours - coconut, corn, quinoa, regular flour - pancakes are pretty moldable :)

You can actually make pancakes with no flour... and just bananas and eggs :)

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