5 Places to See around Lake Winnipesaukee

This weekend Adam and I traveled to Wolfeboro, NH - and like the trapped parents we are... we used it as a mini-vaca touristing it up wherever we could!  Sure we had fun partying the night before the wedding and at the wedding - but we were up each morning - ready to sight see!  After all - when do we get an opportunity to drink hot coffee, on a lake, uninterrupted.  I wouldn't miss it for a hangover - that's for sure!!  We actually both discussed Tuesday night after the kids were in bed how we missed each other all day - because we had 3 whole days of mama/dadda time <3 it was awesome.

Here are a few places to check out if you're in the area! 

1. For breakfast: the Downtown Grille and Cafe - YUM!  Stand in line while someone in your group holds a table - place your order and a server will deliver it when it's ready - it was FANTASTIC! For Dinner: The Restaurant.  Charming, local food, fab servers, all around awesome.

2. Take a spin around the lake in the Winnipesauke Bell! It was pouring and freezing and still was a blast! 

3. Buy stuff at a farm!  There are MANY farms, in all directions, all around the lake.  Find one, chat it up with a farmer, buy some fresh stuff :)

4. Check out the Mill Falls Marketplace in Meredith.  Lots of shopping, eating and beautiful sights - right across the street from the lake.  SO pretty.

5. Hike/walk/stroll.  The towns are cute, the trails are plentiful, we strolled lakeside whenever we could :)

BONUS: If you're passing anywhere close to Portsmouth, NH - stop by the Red Hook Brewery.  Take the tour.  Eat the food.  You won't regret it :)


I share my posts here.  It's an awesome list.  Check it out.  Seriously.  It's a great list and if you visit blog parties you are going to want to check them out!  It's up to date, organized by day, and the links all work <3


Greta K. said...

Glad you had a good time! I can't wait to do a weekend away with my husband again, but it will be awhile. :)

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

it was really nice Greta - hope you get away for an hour or two soon <3

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