High Five For Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

Before we get to the weekly highlights, I have to say that it is SO good to force myself to look back at my week in the early hours of every Friday morning.  The past few days have been a challenge - but looking at all the blessings of the week - it is easy to remembered how blessed I am.  

One: D has always been full of questions.  I know lots of almost four year olds are full of questions.  Not like D.  In any case, he and I have been spending an hour or so of child driven quality alone time with him everyday while E is napping.  He chooses something (so far it has been a new letter everyday) to ask questions and learn about.  He is loving learning.  I wish I could capture this passion and bottle it up for when he is 17 :)

Two: We got to the playground in MA!!  It is out from under snow!!  Unfortunately, the snow remains in our backyard still :)  Small miracles.

Three: Although I only do it once a year, I made my grandma's Easter bread.  It's delicious. 

Four: Just this picture.  High Five for all my favorite boys together having pure fun.

Five: I couldn't pick one egg hunt picture from my mother-in-law's house... so here are my top 3!


Hop on over to these blogs where - if they are lucky - I'll share this :)     

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