Fires, Police Cars, Guns, and Children's Books

So growing up as a girl in the 80s- here are some things I was interested in:
The Babysitters Club
Nancy Drew
Girl Scouts
American Girl Books (dolls too expensive)
Dress up
Nail polish (although I am pretty sure I am still not allowed to wear it out of my mom's house)

<Calm it down right now haters.  I'm not saying this 'girl experience' is what everyone experienced, or that if you didn't experience this there is something wrong or unusual about you... in fact it is MUCH more likely something is unusual about me as I am not usual.at.all.   I am just saying this is what I knew about childhood. >

<One more thing for you people determined to hate.  I am not saying ALL boys like rescue books, guns, and tanks - I wish my boys didn't!  I get it your kids are different. I am talking about MY family here.>

Imagine my surprise when I was reading (over and over again) to my 11 month old this morning about how ladder trucks rescue people from fires and how police boats catch criminals escaping by water.  I keep putting the book down and he keeps finding it and tugging at my leg for me to sit down again.  Can I deny him the 'story', make him hate books at an early age, and say 'no more reading?!'  

No I read it again, and again.

But really kids' authors?  Really?!

I mean I know I can control the books in my home - but my boys both seem to gravitate to the emergency vehicle books, cars, and we once stood at the front door and watched a police car outside for 20 minutes talking to a car pulled over.  

We have a plethora of these books, they are everywhere - but I am about 1 read away from finding them all and putting them in the trash.  

These books on the surface don't have anything to do with violence, scary stuff, guns, etc.  It's the fourth time you're reading them, that the questions behind the NEED for these emergency vehicles pops up.

Why do they even like this stuff?  

I mean in 9th grade, we read Romeo and Juliet, The Lottery, Of Mice and Men, and other classics that include topics of death, murder, and suicide... but 11 months old and I am explaining how people are rescued from fires?  

I don't think he gets it but my four year old certainly does...

Why are people in fires?
How come good guys have guns (pointing to police officer uniform)?
I am going to make a lego shooter to get the bad guys.  It shoots poop.
Mom, tanks are for good guys to get bad guys.
WOW - look at that FIRE! 

So here I am trapped in a series of "Why" questions that end with me explaining the second amendment to a four year old (who I assure you will not forget it).  Sure the initial 'emergency' theme is fine... but its the 4th layer of hell  questions that make me a bit more uncomfortable.  

Am I happy he is learning about the Bill of Rights?  Sure.  I love history and explaining how our government works.  But honestly I didn't think it would be happening so soon.


Or are little boys just programmed to love playing and reading about Cowboys and Indians?  <as proved with some antique books I having laying around...>


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aae said...

I enjoy your blog and I think it's pretty crappy that you need to open with disclaimers. I find your writing very engaging and the disclaimers set an unpleasant tone. In an effort to better appreciate your writing, I'm going to do my best to visually skip them going forward.

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

Thanks :)

Mums make lists said...

Think some of it is just vehicles of all kinds - we spent quite a long period having to go and stare at the diggers in the park for hours on end (OK 10 or 15 minutes but it seemed like hours!)

Also they're just to trying to make sense of everything so everything new is interesting including this strange thing death. Somehow I ended up reading Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to my 3 year old - not really ideal but she demanded it after being told the highlights by her aunt. Daily ongoing conversation how it is wrong to kill but OK for Peter to kill the wolf attacking Susan and Aslan to kill the White Witch .... sooo complicated ... and that's before we get onto the subject of Aslan being the son of god ... all a bit much at bed time :-)

Alice x

MA Gun License said...

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