Chicken Pot Pie

So a while ago I wrote this post: 

Easy Whole Crock Pot Chicken.

It's my most viewed post.

For realz.

Then I wrote this one about what to do with the leftovers: 

Leftover Chicken Soup.

Since I make this crock pot chicken at least twice a month - I have other things to do with the leftovers.  My current favorite... chicken pot pie.

 So... I chopped up all the leftovers and set them aside.

I then made a thick sauce.

3 tbs butter, 3 tbs flour - cook together for 2 minutes.

I then added some stock (about 2 cups) - from the crock pot where I was making stock from the chicken bones.

I whisked in the stock until the flour and butter was incorporated.  I then added a cup of milk and whisked it in.

Add in your leftovers.

I topped each crock with a rectangle of pastry crust (I used this recipe: Basic Pastry Dough, from Martha Stewart).

I then baked it up at 350 for 45 minutes until everything was bubbly and delicious.

I dump the whole thing out and put ketchup all over it... don't judge. 


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