High Five for Friday!

It's Friday!!  I love reviewing the best parts of the week and this is no exception.  It was a wonderful week - and I am SO excited about the weekend :)  

One: High Five for Mohawks! There is NOTHING better than banana (& other food) smeared in hair to create a baby hawk.  Love it.

Two: High Five for Oil Changes! Ok, it's a stretch, and it was IN FACT the longest oil change ever (at 2+ hours), and I was IN FACT annoyed - but check out these cool kid chairs in the dealership.  Wonder why kids are obese and never want to play outside...

Three: High Five for FARM FRESH Sausage!  YUM!  We are so lucky to have FRESH pork from D's preschool/farm.  They are the absolute best.

Four: Back from last week... High Five for Cousins!  D goes to school with his cousin T.  While the 'big kids' are at farm school we got the 'little kids' together.  They are so cute without the older ones to boss them around.  

Five:  High Five for Free Range Kids!  I LOVE the parenting described by Lenore Skenazy. Her book and blog, Free Range Kids, seriously changed the way I view parenting.    We are her biggest fans!!

Well in any case, she came to Boston to do a talk at the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.  Her talk focused on what our kids 'need.'  She pointed out that for thousands of years 14 year olds 'raised' kids and THEY COULDN'T EVEN READ, so they certainly couldn't sign their kids up for crawling class, pre-school, or even teach them their letters.  

She said that the best thing (the thing that thinking back WE value most) that we can give our kids is confidence and someone who believes in them!  When someone trusts you and believes in you, it's the best thing in the world.  When we are telling our kids that they can't walk in front of us, can't play outside alone, need flash cards, need tutoring (before they even start school), need a class to learn how to crawl - we are telling them they CAN'T do it on their own - NOT building their confidence.  

She explained that the marketing for these products is like double speak (think - NERD ALERT - 'The Ministry of Love' in 1984 - it wasn't for love...)

She highlighted some funny products that show our kids... they can't do it on their own:

Walking Wings - a 'natural way' to help your kids walk... um... wouldn't the naturalist way be to let them walk... and... gasp... fall!!!

The Freeloader - so you can let your kids have ADVENTURES (please check it out... it is ridiculous .. even for the most fanatic of babywearers... I could wear my SISTER in it.

Well we got to meet Lenore, tell her how funny she is, chat for a few minutes - she was fantastic.  Definitely the highlight of the week!!


Hop on over to these blogs where - if they are lucky - I'll share this :)     


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Found you through H54F. The Freeloader. Are you kidding me?

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

Hahahaha thanks for finding me!

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