The Liebster Blog Award

Well - now the internet has proved what my mom has always known, I'm awesome.  


Some lovely blogs I follow nominated me (on the same day) for the Liebster blog award and I am honored!  I did some (brief) internet research about the Liebster Award and nothing really turns up but a bunch of other (rarely read) blogs.  The only thing that you can find is that to win the award you need to have less than 200 followers... go me! 

I always thought that getting more followers might lead to fame ;)

So first, I want you to picture  Jennifer Lawrence, walking up the stairs at the Oscars, and face planting... because that.would.be.me.  I would pick the biggest, most awesome dress, and then fall up the stairs at the most important time in my life :)  

As I accept this award I want to thank:

My Family - who taught and continues to teach me how to cook, not with measurements, but with taste and know how and how to be a better mom.

My English Teachers - not all of them, but those at St. Columba.  Although, if they read my blog, I am pretty sure they would fail me... but that's what made me a decent writer - that fear of failure and demand for excellence :)  They would hate my disregard for the rules of the English language and excessive.use.of.out.of.place.punctuation.

So the award stipulates that you have to answer 11 questions about yourself.  Because I was nominated twice in the same day... I think that now I have to answer 22.  Then I must nominate 11 other blogs with less than 200 followers - that's the fun part!  I have been following so many blogs lately it was hard to choose!!  I then have to ask 11 questions of them.

So first, thank you to Tsolakidou Despina, of Greek Bites.  Based out of Greece, Tasolakidou shares yummy recipes and insights into Greek culture.  Check here out and follow along!

Tsolakidou's questions are below:

1.  Do you remember the first dish you actually prepared on your own?
Yes, pasta, a lot of it.  I used to eat it, and homemade sauce as an after school snack before my parents got home and made dinner...

2.  Who's your favorite cartoon hero?
Um... not really into cartoons... is captain planet still around?

3.  PC or Mac?
I like Macs, but have pcs.  I do have an IPAD and IPOD... but the laptops are so freaking expensive...

4.  Name one thing you hate the most.
Mama. Drama.

5.  If you had to live with just one food for a long period of time what would that be?

6.  Rain or sun?
Sun. Lots of it.

7.  A meteor falls on you and you have a superpower.  What's that?
This feels like the cartoon question... I don't know, the power to ease pain?

8.  Say what comes first to your mind when you see/hear the words: salt, egg, sky, kiss, black.
salt: sea salt
egg: farm
sky: blue
kiss: love
black: night

9.  According to you, what's your biggest advantage and disadvantage?  Do others agree?
I have no clue... I am pretty good at downloading fonts... I think others would agree.  I also like to take pictures... I'm not sure if I am too good at it though :)

10.  What's the most important thing in your life (besides family)?
Kai's Village

11.  If you were a food, what would that be?

Thanks again!!  Make sure to check out Tasolakidou's pages!  She's fantastic!!

Next up...

I was nominated by the lovely Jacquelyn from The Non-Martha Momma.  Jacquelyn and I went to high school together and have recently been catching up in a group of mamas on facebook from our high school.  It has been fun to "get to know" people we went to school with 15 years ago!  Jacquelyn blogs about running a home - better than Martha :)  Please check her out and follow along:

Jacquelyn's questions are below:

1.  Last movie you saw in the theater?  Did you like it?
I honestly don't remember... it's been a long long time!

2.  When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging two years ago after I read Robyn O'Brien's The Unhealthy Truth.  I felt like I had to tell people what I learned from the book.

3.  Do you have any pets, how many, what type, their names?
1 cat, Liger, he weighs more than my 10 month old.

4.  Favorite type of food?

5.  Book you are reading right now or most recent book read?
I read a lot of Spiderman books... but for me... the most recent book I read was The Other Baby Book.  Loved it, although I didn't agree with/practice everything in it.

6.  Year you graduated high school?

7.  What kind of car do you drive?
Chevy Equinox, love it.

8.  Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?
I believe in God, heaven & hell.

9.  Oreos: do you like the cookie better or the cream?  Do you dunk in the milk?
When my sister and I enjoyed Oreos (before I read The Unhealthy Truth...) I liked the cream, didn't dip them in milk, and ate them with canned peaches.  It almost hurts to admit/write that.

10.  Favorite subject in high school?  Least favorite subject in high school?
In high school I loved math and Spanish (because I had the same, awesome teachers the entire time).  I hated history (except freshman year).

I am now a history teacher.

11.  If you were a crayon what color would you be and why?
Blue, because it's my favorite :)

Ok. Now (following the rules) I am to list 11 random facts about myself.

1. I love history related t-shirts.
2. I love looking at snow, from the inside, with coffee.  
3. I love reading, and never do it anymore.
4. I have been "washing" the same load of laundry for 4 days... I keep forgetting it's in there.
5. I don't even know where E's cloth diapers are it's been so long since he's been in them.
6. D peed his pants this morning, while playing Chutes and Ladders, alone.
7. I only watched the Oscars last night because Joel McHale made them funny on Twitter, and I fell asleep at 10.
8. I live 5 miles from my sister and it's not close enough :)
9. I love my family, not just my husband and kids, but my parents, sister, cousins, I love hanging out with them, chatting with them, seeing what they're doing on FB.  We are all close (although we live VERY far from one another) and I treasure our relationship.
10. I love my job.  Mom, teacher, wife.  All of it.
11. I don't really know how to blog.

So now the award stipulates that I am to nominate 11 blogs (with less than 200 followers) and ask them each 11 questions.  Here are the "official rules":
  • List 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
  • Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award to and link them in your post.
  • Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
  • No tag backs!!
Confession: I don't know what a tag back is - so if I do it sorry :) -- I am trying to follow the rules... but if I mess up sorry.  Since this award has no one checking up on it... I am sure it will be fine :)

Here are my 11 nominations:
Living and Learning with our New Normal  

*I went by facebook follows if available because that is my favorite place to waste time <3

And here are your 11 questions:
1. What do you have faith in?
2. What's your favorite blog?
3. What's your favorite season?  Why? (FYI - winter is the wrong answer)
4. What's your favorite movie of all time?  Why?  (FYI - Die Hard is the correct answer)
5. Who is your favorite world leader in history?  Why?
6. What is your favorite organization working for good in the world?  Why?
7.  What does your dream house look like?  Where is it located?
8.  What's your biggest confession about blogging?
9.  What's your guilty pleasure?
10.  What's your favorite vacation destination?
11.  What's your favorite song of all time?  

*Disclaimer* This seems like the blogging version of a chain letter (without the threats) - so feel free to NOT do this.  It might be a fun way to meet new bloggers though :) 

<3 KT

Hop on over to these blogs where - if they are lucky - I'll share this :)     


Jacquelyn Karlic said...

LMAO @ canned peaches and Oreos, definitley an odd combo. I can relate to re-washing clothes....happens to me all the time and dried clothes are often worn right out of the dryer or laundry basket, rarely off the hanger. Your #11 fact - you DO know how to blog! Your blog posts are very entertaining :)

Jacquelyn Karlic said...

Also, yes this is definitley the blogging version of a chain letter.

Jamie said...

I think I'd be ok with pasta everyday too!

Amanda @ Coriander Lime said...

Congratulations on the award! Loved checking out your site, will definitely be following. See you again soon! :-)

momstheword said...

I love that you hated history but are now a history teacher, lol! I have to agree with you about the sun. One of my sons loves the sunshine, his brother loves the rain. Fortunately, my son that loves rainy, cloudy days has a girlfriend that also loves rainy, cloudy days. I told them that they are both weird, lol!

Thank you for including me in this! You're very sweet to think of me! :)

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

I thought so...

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

:) YUM!

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

Thanks! :) Hope to see you around the blog-o-sphere :)

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

:) I love reading your blog - so you immediately came to mind!

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