The Poop Maker, A Smoothie

What your kid doesn't poop?

You don't want to see a post about it?!

FINE.  Keep moving... You'll come back when you need it.

If there is anything I learned about being a mom, it's that if you have a kid under two, talking about poop in public is TOTALLY accepted.  Even encouraged.




It's disgusting.

However, when your precious little bundle ISN'T pooping - all of a sudden you're turned into a lunatic.  Calling the doctor, searching the mommy boards (which have 100s of threads on the topic), calling your mom, HOW can you help?!

Look no further parents.

I give you... 

The Poop Maker.

Guaranteed to work within the day (and in our case... the hour... while still at the table).

Be ready people.

Looks delicious right?

JK, it looks gross.  I did taste a spoonful (without effect), and as it turns out it does not taste gross :) the good thing about a smoothie is that you can put it into a SQUOOSHI (click there for how I fill one mess free).  I know, it's been like a week since I talked about them... If you're interested (and you should be...) check out their website and their facebook.  

Here's what you need for the Poop Maker:
We use all organic ingredients.

4 Dried Prunes
4 Dried Apricots
1 1/2 Cups of Whole Milk Yogurt

So the first thing you need to do is soak the dried fruit in water.  I did this for about an hour.  Once everything is squishy again, drain the water (don't go crazy, I just put my hand over the top of the glass and dumped it over the sink... man everything about this seems like poop talk... squishy, dump... I am 10 again).

Mix the ingredients however you blend things.  I use my immersion blender because it's so dang easy to clean.

Put into your squooshi pouch (or feed to your kiddo with a spoon...).

<my kid kept asking for more... he ate ALL of it... you've been warned>

Wait for... results.

With a diaper.

In your hand.

And wipes.

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Anonymous said...

awesome!!!! Thank you. I will try this (not for myself). Funny enough I was talking to co-workers about my son's fascination about poop. He tells me when I pick him up from daycare who pooped that day. I realized he was naming everyone at daycare and then every family member he knows. Oh to be a toddler with an imagination. -Elaine

KT said...

:) hahahahaha LOVE the poop report!

Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos said...

Oooooh, this is much needed. My 22 month old has been having some poop problems and the girls looooooves smoothies. She's totally getting one of these with her lunch!

KT said...

hope it works :)

Cassidy Bradshaw said...

Thanks for the laugh and good to know ;)
sharing with my mom friends

KT said...

glad it made you laugh!

Kathy Shea Mormino said...

Holy hysterical and necessary information, Batman! Thanks for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop. I have no choice but to feature this tomorrow as a service to mothers of small children everywhere!

Kathy Shea Mormino
The Chicken Chick

KT said...

Haha fantastic! So glad you liked it and honored to be featured!!

Becolorful said...

You're right. This will probably be one of your more popular posts - long term. :D
thanks for sharing.

KT said...

hahaha thanks :)

Michelle Cruz said...

Can I use dairy free yogurt instead?

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