Strawberry Butter

Whenever I make popovers I think of this awesome rib place by where I grew up.  They had the best popovers and the most delicious strawberry butter (and probably ribs too...).

When I made Leftover Chicken Soup tonight I decided to attempt some strawberry butter with popovers.  It turned out pretty yummy, D loved it.  E had to pass  as it had some delicious, local, botulism filled honey ;)

(note - I make mini popovers - that's why they look weird).

Strawberry Butter

3 Tbs Organic Salted Butter
3 Tbs Organic Unsalted Butter
1 Cup of Frozen (defrosted) Strawberries 
1 Tbs of Local Honey

Let butter and strawberries come to room temperature.  Whip everything in your mixer.  Serve on hot popovers (note the melty deliciousness).



Jeanne said...

Shout out to Hudson's Ribs & Fish

KT said...

I tagged them (:

Becolorful said...

In a word, YUM! :D Thanks for sharing on BeColorful.

KT said...

Thanks for hosting :)

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