Squooshi Dinner

At this point.... you probably think I work for these people.

I don't, I promise!  

Seriously, I google searched, found them, bought them, and am now obsessed.

(Side rant, how come people on the mom boards think you don't know how to google?  So often someone asks a real question (ie: potty training, feeding, sleeping through the night) and some Helpful Harry posts a million links.  

Um. Thanks.  I was looking for some real mom advice here.

I didn't realize there was a place we could look this up! 

You opened my eyes to a new tool!

The internet!

I had been using my 1988 World Book Encyclopedias for answers!!! 

Anyways.  Back to my obsession.

Squooshi.  (Like them on FB too)

So I made a big batch of organic:

Sweet Potatoes
Apricots (dried)
Bulgar Wheat
Quinoa (am I spelling that wrong? it is always underlined...)

(I used my pasta pot - with the steamer insert - put all the fruit/veg in the steamer and  the starches below in water - why do it twice?  Once everything was soft - I discarded the extra water and blended with the immersion mixer - in the same pot - you know how I feel about more work/dishes).

It occurred to me as I was spilling hot baby food all over my arms that I need to come up with a better way to transfer food (and that I should wait until it cools).

Here is the new way:

Put Squooshi in cup:

Put baby puree in ziplock and cut a small hole in a corner:

Put the corner with the hole in the Squooshi (ignore dirty dishes in background):

That's it!

If you need more ideas... you can ask on one of your favorite mom groups.  

Someone will google it for you.

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