Healthy Yogurt Smoothie

I admit it.

I haven't been so crunchy lately.

There are a lot of excuses.  I have them ready.

  • It was Thanksgiving
  • I was shopping
  • I helped run a craft fair
  • I helped found a non-profit
  • Disposable diapers were on sale
  • I had a lot of wrapping to do 
  • It was Christmas
  • E had an ear inefection 
  • I had a lot of cooking to do
  • It was my birthday
  • It was New Year's 
  • We are having a party

One of the things that I fell of the wagon about was baby food making.  In the crunchy world there are two camps of people - those who make their own baby food and those who skip baby food all together (like my rockstar sister) in favor of something called baby led weaning (check out my sister's blog post on the topic).  The idea is that babies are able to feed themselves and control the food going in their mouths.  If they are not ready for a specific food they spit it out.  Gagging is ok - it stops you from choking. 

Like many other things, I can't commit anything completely. So naturally I did both.  I will cut E a big chunk of apple and let him gnaw on it, spitting out all of the skin... but I can't get down with the gagging... and I do like making food and he likes eating it, so he gets purees as well.  At this point he "chews" on what we are eating for a meal then downs a pouch or two of food.


I bought them.

They suckered me in right there next to all the disposable diapers.

Those handy, pretty, clean, spoonless, non-attached, baby led downing, baby food pouches.

They are amazing.

My 9+ month old can grab one out of my hand and eat the whole thing himself.  He loves them.  And I love making anyone happy with food.

But, alas, they are wasteful and more importantly EXPENSIVE!  More than baby food in the jar because they are so freaking easy - those organic baby food companies KNOW we are going to buy them because of their clever, awesome packaging.  If you market something well to me, I'm going to buy it.  Every. Time.

What's a semi-crunchy mama to do?  Welp.  I did some looking and found these awesomes (I know it's not a word - but they are awesome and there is more than one of them):

Surf on over to the Squooshi website and do yourself a favor and buy some.


Because these provide the best of both worlds.  I get the convenience of a pouch that E can feed himself, happily AND I get to fill them with home made awesome goodness!  They are fairly easy to clean - I just used a bottle brush and soap and water and they come with reusable little caps.  You can put any baby food recipe inside - and baby can squeeze away to their heart's content.  My first batch I mixed the fruit and veggies I had in my fridge with some left over quinoa.  BAM. Take that Earth's Best.  You can't.  The next mixture was even better (yup, I ate one).  My 3.5 year old loved it too  (ps - I am not famous enough to be paid to promote these people and I am not some big time mommy blogger who gets sent stuff for free - I did some research - like 5 minutes - and found them online)!

Healthy Yogurt Smoothie

1 cup of organic whole milk yogurt
2 cups of frozen organic spinach
1 cup of frozen/fresh blueberries (I still have some farmers' market ones left mmmm they taste like summer!)
1/2 cup of frozen organic mango
1/4 cup of organic baby oatmeal (just because I had some lingering in the box)

Defrost all your fruits, mix up with the yogurt, and oatmeal and blend!  I use an immersion blender and it comes really smooth.  It is my favorite kitchen tool - I use it almost daily. Mashed potatoes, soups, baby food - you need one.  ASAP.  The oatmeal made the whole thing a bit thicker which stops the yogurt from running out of the spout should your baby (or toddler) dump the whole thing upside down while eating in front of the football game (yikes! he watches TV - kick me out of the crunchy community!!).

If I was making this for someone (like me) I might add some yummy local honey to sweeten it - but since it was for E - I left it out - didn't stop me from slurping down a pouch.  

Even without it - the smoothie was delicious... and my toddler ate it for dessert.  Spinach and all.

Back to cloth diapers tomorrow.

Or whenever these disposables run out... 


SmilingSally said...

Here ya go . . . let's crunch these stalks of celery together . . .[yum?]. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday, KT.

Cranberry Morning said...

What a darling photo!!

Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning and pinning my soap, 'Tranquility' !! :-)

KT said...

Thanks for commenting :) I am working on my crunchiness!

KT said...

Thanks - I had a good model!

Pie said...

How cute!

I played too. Mine are here and here.

KT said...

Thanks! :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

That looks fun! I am your new blog follower here.

Oh boy, it's Thursday already but I am now just getting around with BLUE entries.
Please leave me a line or two in my BLUE, thanks.

KT said...

Great! It's wonderful to have you :)

Kristy Lynn said...

i really need to start putting more greens in my smoothies. there's always a ton of fruit and happy protein powder and ice. often yogurt. but now, greens too. this will be my first one.

thank you for sharing with us at the Wednesday Fresh Foods Link Up. I hope to see you again this week with more seasonal and real/whole food posts! xo, kristy

KT said...

Glad you liked it! My kiddos think they are dessert :)

Joseph Carr said...

That’s cute. Thanks for the recipe! I’m kinda new in making smoothies so this post should be a good start for me. I think it’ll even motivate me more in making these kinds of smoothies.

Joseph Carr

KT said...

Glad you liked it! It certainly is easy :)

Alice Emma Thompson said...

Such a great idea - we were big suckers for the pouches as well.

Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice x

Becca @ The Earthlings Handbook said...

We bought some Squooshis a few months ago and have found them excellent for packing applesauce and similar in my 9-year-old's lunch! I am surprised how easy it is to clean them.

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