Ok.  This is no picnic - and not just because you could NEVER eat the food that one would typically bring on a picnic - but because I am freaking starving!  Seriously if you want to lose weight - check out this diet eek.  I lost 7 pounds this week (since starting the diet). 

The upside - check out this happy happy baby!  His demeanor, comfort, and personality has relaxed and become SO much happier since the start of this diet.  I can't recommend it enough for anyone who thinks their babe is uncomfortable, screamy and miserable and who is breastfeeding.  Just look at those happy smiles!

Since the start of the diet I have added in one... ok two things.  Oats were the first - no effect on baby E.  Still happy as can be... then last night... I had just finished my dinner and I was SHAKING I was so hungry - so I CAVED.  Not for anything good - just for what was on the table.

Organic grape jelly. 

The old me would have NEVER even touched grape jelly.  Not even if it had fair traded sugar in it.  Not even if it had only organic Concord grapes. 


Because grape jelly is DISGUSTING.  That's why.

I just couldn't bear the thought of one more plain rice cake - so you guessed it - I spread grape jelly on FOUR rice cakes, after dinner, and ate them for dessert.  They tasted like Heaven.  They were gone in under 5 minutes. I am pitiful.

So with that in mind I had to take drastic action.  And I did - making Elimination Diet Turkey dinner for myself.  It was so much for me that I ate it alone, while my family was outside playing.  Then when they came inside for dinner, I ate it again.  Here is what I made:

Elimination Diet Turkey:
 As usual - very few, very simple ingredients!

1 turkey
1 summer squash
1 pear
1 cup pear juice
1 cup turkey broth
olive oil
salt and pepper

I drizzled the turkey with the olive oil, liberally.  I salted and peppered inside and out.  I then roughly chopped and stuffed it with the pear and squash.  In the roasting pan I put the liquids.  I covered it cooked it at 350... and surprise!  It was done an hour early (hence the eating it without my family)... on to the sides...


4 tablespoons of turkey drippings (fat) from the pan
4 tablespoons of rice flour
4 cups of turkey broth (I used the rest of the liquid - without the grease - from the pan as well as the broth I made while the turkey was cooking - just the neck in water simmering)
Lots of salt and pepper

Sprinkle the flour into the turkey drippings in the roasting pan (which should cover two burners on the stove) and whisk briskly.  When flour has been incorporated add broth and whisk until smooth.  Add salt and pepper.  Taste.  Add more.  Switch liquid to smaller pot and simmer until it reaches desired thickness.  Surprisingly this tasted really good with the rice flour.  Either that - or my standards are getting lower.  Think grape jelly.

Smashed Potatoes

4 Yukon gold potatoes
1/2 cup of plain rice milk
salt and pepper

Chop the potatoes (I chopped them up small so they would cook quickly because I couldn't wait).  Boil them until tender, drain, put them back in the same pot.  Add rice milk, salt and pepper and smash away.

Summer Squash and Pears

Turkey roasting pan (after you make the gravy)
2 tbs of turkey fat from the pan
3 summer squashes
1 pear
salt and pepper

Slice up your fruit and veggies and throw them in your turkey pan.  Add salt and pepper and roast until tender and brown.

Sweet Sweet Potatoes

3 sweet potatoes
3 tbs of brown sugar

Skin the sweet potatoes and cook in the microwave for 3 minutes.  When they come out dice them (be careful!) and add brown sugar.  Broil until brown on top.  MMMMM like dessert!

Here's the whole delicious meal:
Doesn't look so bad right?

On a final note - it was particularly hard to pass up this delicious basket of FRESH LOCAL VEGGIES grown at my son's preschool...

The first raffle I ever won... and I can't even eat any of it!!! I did use the summer squash in the recipe above - but other than that it is being devoured by the rest of my family!  YUM! 

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Anonymous said...

Looks divine! I just found this on Homemaker on a Dime's party and haven't read the diet info. 7 lbs. in a week is pretty amazing weight loss. I've got to look back at your archives.

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

Thanks! The diet is no cup of tea :) and I would only consider it again... if I was breastfeeding another little who needed it!

Shish kebab said...
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Unknown said...

Hi,:) I am trying this diet in hopes to help my little ones tummy. Quick question: Is Brown sugar allowed from the get go, or is it something you added back in?

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