Sweet and Spicy Peach Sauce

In a desperate attempt to try and finish up the over ripe peaches we picked last week... I created some delicious sweet and spicy peach sauce.  I used it as a marinade and topping for grilled, boneless, organic, pork chops.  Growing up on a dish like this - we would have had Saucy Susan (sounds like a porn star right?) - but nope - just corn syrup, GMO laden poison sauce... eek.  I actually jut looked up the ingredients (I SWEAR I didn't know what was in it until right now writing this... here they are).

Here's what we made - before you start you need a few hours of reducing time - so this is not a fast recipe - but it is worth it I promise:

*Disclaimer... the measurements are estimated as I was really making it up throughout the day

3 peaches
1/4 cup of organic chopped, candied, ginger
2 cups of water (added as the liquid disappears throughout the day)
1 cup of white wine (I used chardonnay)
1 cup of organic apricot nectar
1/2 tsp of chipotle pepper
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 tsps of ground flax seed (it thickens the sauce)
2 tsps of organic corn starch (mixed with some of the water you add)
2 tsps of brown sugar (I think honey would work as well)

So I put in all the ingredients except the liquids - then just added enough liquid to cover the rest of the ingredients.  Then brought it to a boil and added a bit more liquid and lowered the temp. After about 2 hours (I forgot about it most of the time - but every time I walked through the kitchen I stirred it up and added more liquid) I got out my handy dandy immersion blender and blended it up and added in the rest of the liquid and brought it back to a hard boil and let it reduce a last time.  I marinaded the pork in it and then topped it with some extra.

It was really good and it probably going on salmon tomorrow... and anything else we make for the rest of the week!!

My husband is responsible for the excellent grill marks :)


Kristy Lynn said...

dude. not only does your sauce sound incredible (i can imagine it'd probably also go very good with duck or on icecream...mmm duck icecream. haha), but your pork looks insane!! jealous, a little bit, right now ;)

thank you for linking up with us at the Wednesday Fresh Foods Blog Hop! We hope to see you again this Wednesday with more fantastic seasonal & real food posts :) xo, kristy

Sam said...

Peaches and ginger. You know the way to my heart! I might need to do this with the very ripe peaches in my fridge.

Thanks for sharing with the Fresh Foods Blog Hop!

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