Sesame Salmon


Ok.  Full disclosure.  It wasn't that good.

BUT... it would have been had I not overcooked it.  In my defense - kids were screaming and I forgot about the fish on the grill in the kitchen until it was too late. 

The flavoring however was good so I figured I would share :)

Sesame Salmon
6 oz. was 7 points - I tacked on an extra point for the sauce/marinade - but in the end I don't think all that much really ends up on it :)

I started with about a pound of wild caught Salmon - which is less Weight Watcher points and better for you than farmed Salmon - while I prefer wild caught seafood - sometimes it is impossible to buy it exclusively.  At the very least I typically make sure my fish is not from the Vietnam area... no offense - but after learning about the toxic weapons we used there - the last thing I want is fish that are from the water where the weapon material drained during the following rainy season. 

Thank you to my grad school history professor for ruining most fish for me by explaining how the toxins are still there - as I don't know much about science I just took her word for it and have tried to avoid it ever since.

I marinated the Salmon for a couple of hours in the following (notice the very precise measurements):
3ish spoonfuls of honey
1 lemon squeezed and zested
a couple of squirts of stone ground mustard
a little bit of sesame oil
a bunch of dried ginger
some sea salt

I grilled the salmon on the George Forman grill (for much too long).

When I was finished overcooking it - I drizzled it with a little bit of the following sauce:
lemon juice
stone ground mustard

I then sprinkled on some sesame seeds.

The flavor was really really good.

I served it with brown rice (cooked in water and lemon juice and a little honey) and some FRESH from the farmer's market snow peas.

D loved it all - especially the finishing sauce - which he asked for more of and wanted "on the rice too." 

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