Healthy(ish) Banana Bread

Dieting. Organic. Non-processed(ish). While nursing. 


I am in a constant battle with weight... and just when I hit a weight I was kinda happy with (although I wasn't happy with the size clothes still...) bam.


Don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED to eat for 9 months for 2 (even though one is the size of a raisin for most of the time and DOESN'T need any additional food) - but afterwards I am left with all the flabby, unattractive in a bathing suit results. 

Now, there are those women that "the weight just falls off if you nurse" that my OB told me about.  I hate those people. 

My sister.

My mom.

All skinny new moms. 

Ok. I don't hate them. 

But it is really a struggle for me.  Even though I am nursing sometimes every hour (mostly night time...), and even though I am chasing a 3 year old, forgetting to eat until what is it right now... 12:06 pm... it is still a struggle for me to lose weight.

What amplifies this is my family's love for food and the fact that MOST of them gain NO weight eating pasta laden with olive oil and sausage and bags and bags of chocolate chips ("that's a healthy fat"... flash to a picture of a half a cup of olive oil going into a pan to fry up some garlic and sausage).

Additionally, since I had kids and started caring about what they eat, I do my best to eat whole, non-processed, healthier foods.  This makes dieting hard - because less processed also means more fat (ie: whole milk, whole fat yogurt, no little pre-portioned Weight Watchers two point snacks).

One example of food that I love to hate is my mama's banana bread.  In hopes of making a piece of banana bread that isn't 10 Weight Watcher points... I created this healthier banana bread recipe... it's not so bad and still has the chocolate chips, nuts, and bananas :) and short of the processing of flour and chocolate chips - it is less processed and organic if you buy the right ingredients.

Banana Bread - 5 points a piece
(14 servings... if you cut skinny slices - 6 points a piece of you cut it into 12 or 13 slices)

1  1/2 cups flour (I used mostly whole wheat flour, a little white flour, and steel cut oats)
1/2 cup walnuts
1/2 cup chocolate chips (I use 60% coco chips and mini semi-sweet mixed together - I like that there are big areas of chocolate and little areas of chocolate)
1 egg
4 large bananas
1/3 cup applesauce
1/2 cup sugar (I might make this 1/4 of a cup)
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking soda
1 pinch of sea salt

I mixed up all of the wet ingredients (ok to be honest - my 3 year old mixed them for about 20 minutes while I tried to con my 2 month old into going back to sleep by feeding him for the 6th time this morning... oh still haven't eaten either...) in one bowl and all of the dry ingredients in the other bowl.  I added in the walnuts and chocolate chips (ok he did... and ate some in the process... I was in the other room again...).  We reserved some walnuts and oats to sprinkle on the top... but just a few.

I put it in the oven at 350 for about an hour (give or take a few settings of the timer and figuring out how it works... I rarely bake and therefore I rarely measure to the minute any of my cooking) in an organically pam-med bread baking pan.

On a side note it worked like a charm as a bribe for my 3 year old to take a nap.  Baked at the correct time of day it can be used to encourage a decent nap before eating.

Ok.  Time to try eating a skinny piece for my first meal of the day... I can eat it as I sip my ice cold coffee poured at 6am that hasn't left the counter... oh wait... is that the baby crying?

UPDATE: After trying this - NO need for sugar next time - there is chocolate in every bite!  Also... down to 4 points a slice!!


Bettyann said...

Sounds yummy...I would definitely spend 4 points on this. And that means I could eat 5 slices a day...as long as I eat just fruits and veggies for the rest of the day. Sounds like a plan.

KT said...

Thanks Bettyann :) it was good... one time my sister and I figured out how many oreos we could eat (if that's all we ate) to meet all of our daily calorie requirements. We then ate them in like 20 minutes... good thing we were in high school and it didn't matter how much I ate :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds so good. I also struggle with weight. Lose 100 lbs and then get pregnant X 3. We have 5 boys. After my 2nd one on my 6 weeks check up after having him. I weighed 299 lbs. WOW so I lost 150 total and after our last son which is 8, I have only gained 30 lbs back. Now I am on a non processed food, no salt, hardly no sugar. And am doing really good. I love the flat belly diet the best. All good food, and yes chocolate is on the diet! I will have to make this when I have done well for awhile. My husband and boys all love healthy food, but sometimes it is hard to cook and serve food that isnt processed. But I do try. Thanks for sharing this.

KT said...

WOW!! Nicely done! I had do to the elimination diet... which helped me lose ALL of my baby weight this time around. I have managed to maintain a good weight now eating unprocessed foods (which includes FULL fat milk, butter etc). It is certainly a challenge to live in an unprocessed world - keep up the good work!

Greta K. said...

I made this tonight with your crock pot applesauce!

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

Hope you liked it Greta! Sounds like a delicious combo!

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