The Battle for School Lunch

Well, it has been a while since I had time to blog.  But with the recent, numerous, snowdays I thought I would take some time and chat about why I hate school lunch.

The last time my family went out to eat the waitress asked my son, "would you like broccoli or French fries with your meal?"  He quickly answered broccoli.  He loves fresh fruit and veggies and they make up a big part of our diet.  I wondered why the students I teach are so vastly different - why they are constantly snacking on horrible processed and sugar filled foods... and it got me thinking about school lunch.

The last time I was pregnant, I ate a lot of school lunch.  Almost everyday... sometimes more than once a day (if it was meatball subs mmm).  My pregnancy was filled with high blood pressure and lots of swelling.  This time around I vowed... NO school lunches.  They are tempting... especially the grilled cheese and tomato soup - but I have done my best to pack a healthier lunch than the one provided at school - I succeed most of the time.

Some of my collegues and I have recently discussed this very issue discussed in yesterday's New York Times.  Don't get me wrong I am never for more government oversight over anything - so I don't agree wholeheartedly with this article, I guess I just wish individual schools would make better decisions for their students - ESPECIALLY those schools that know they are providing the only meals their students are eating during the day.  Many of these students have no choice in what they are eating - and have been filled up with processed foods since they could eat.  I guess the government could help by supporting (with the same reimbursement $) those schools that do choose to serve healthier food - but it is so hard to hold anyone accountable - because the government is working with the fast food industry... etc.

I guess my main gripe is that many kids don't even know what "good food" is anymore.  I know that it is not all due to school lunch - but I think it plays a part. 

I am just so happy when my son chooses broccoli over french fries - I wonder how long it will last.


Honey said...

It really is a travesty- our school lunches consist of a lunch meat sandwich EVERY DAY. Salty goodness! They sometimes add an apple. Wow. Sadly, your school has some of the best school lunches around, too, and is in a community that is gangbusters about healthy, whole foods, that are locally provided. If you get the community on board, I bet you could revolutionize at least one district!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin! I agree completely! I ended up going back to college and I am in the process of getting a degree in Nutrition and Food Management. Right now I am interning at Walpole Public Schools helping to promote an initiative for healthier school lunches and snacks. It is really wonderful working to help provide healthier food for the kids because good nutrition when you are young is so important! The school is working on this initiative called "Fuel up to Play 60" which works to provide healthier food for kids and promote excercise for 60 minutes a day. I am working on lesson plans for the afterschool program to teach the kids about nutrition and excercise. Its a wonderful program and I hope more schools join the band wagon. Glad to hear that you want to make such a wonderful change in the school system! I hope you and your family are doing well :) Your baby is ADORABLE by the way :)

Hillary S. said...

For some reason, the previous comment didn't publish my name. That post was just made by your former Student Teacher- Hillary :)

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