Who owns it?

After reading and reading about who is making our food... I found this chart about who owns the organic companies we purchase organics from.  There are some interesting links!  I didn't know Kraft had it in them to own an organic company... but they have to I guess since organic food sales are WAY outpacing the sale of conventional foods.

With that said... so far... for us... Big Y has the cheapest organic foods and (by far) the best selection... which is strange since everything else is so expensive there!  The Living Earth store in Worcester, MA has a great selection (and well priced) of produce... but the rest of the store has all the same brands as the grocery stores at MUCH higher prices... when I am driving by though - I will definitely stop for the produce.  I like that they search out produce from local growers.

Well - as always - good luck trying to provide healthy food for your families!  I am off to pack a lunch for mine :)

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