Cut me some slack, that's how my son says "milk" :)

We started buying organic whole milk because we were buying organic formula.  So since we have been buying milk for my son we have purchased only organic milk.  Many people don't purchase it because of the higher price but we never bought conventionally produced milk... and it was WAY less than formula was - so I never really noticed the change in our grocery bill... but I am cost conscious at the grocery store. 

If you price shop and use your store card (and sometimes online coupons) you can get some reasonably priced milk:

At Stop and Shop after 6 half-gallons of organic milk (of any brand) you get one free.

At Big Y - if you have a silver coin or a silver coin card - it is $2.88 for a half-gallon.

I didn't actually know the benefits of it; but here are the rules from the USDA for organic milk...

- Organic milk comes from cows under organic management for at least 1 year prior to production of milk (or cheese or anything).

- The food they eat must be organic feed or organically treated grass/pasture (this means their feed cannot include any GMOs - which means the milk won't contain any GMOs).

- The pasture must be free from USDA organic prohibited substances for 2 years.

For further reading this comparison is produced by the national dairy council: http://www.nationaldairycouncil.org/SiteCollectionDocuments/footer/FAQ/dairy_nutrition/OrganicMilkFAQ.pdf

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