Local vs. Organic

Ok... so in all my searches to find good food for my family I have run into this problem... which is more important?  Should I try to purchase food from local farmers or... purchase organic food that may have been shipped thousands of miles to get to our table.

First, let me be honest, I think this time next year I will be blogging about my abundance of veggies grown in my backyard - as I have decided I would like to try and live more sustainably and grow my own veggies and fruits in the summer, as a teacher I think it's the least I can do for my family.  Then I know the food is healthy, free from GMOs and free from pesticides.  Organic seeds are very available (from Amazon even) and super cheap.  I plan to start them in my sun room and plant them in the soon-to-be-built garden my husband is cooking up :)

Anyhow back to organic vs. local - it seems there is some debate out there in the organic blog-o-sphere - but really it is about what is important to you and your family.  You have to ask questions no matter where you buy your food but where you buy it seems to depend on whether your motivation for changing what you eat has to do with your carbon footprint/supporting local business OR eating organic.

For me it is about taste (organic vs. local/not organic is not even close for me... especially in the berry department - organic berries... mmmm they just taste better!) and protecting my family from harmful (hidden) additives in our food.  I want to know what I am eating.  If I find a local business that is not organic but is using non-gmo corn - well I am all for it! 

I love shopping close to home...  If only I could find a local organic farm!  We did find one in NY fairly close to my parents: http://www.mcenroeorganicfarm.com/

I'm not a crazy person, we will go out to eat and order in, but my goal is to eat a little better this year than we did last, and then even better the next.  Here are some sites on this debate if you're interested:


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