The HIGH cost of conventional foods.

I think that many times I am distracted by what seems to be the high cost of organic foods - and I know my husband is...  Bananas are 20 cents more a pound, strawberries are sometimes twice the price (although lately they have been on sale), blueberries are usually twice the price, tomatoes too, but the meat... that is where the cost is.  Grass fed beef and organic chicken are two, sometimes 3 times the price... I am constantly looking for places to purchase healthy foods for my family that are more reasonably priced.

This article makes the case that cheap food is actually more expensive... in the long run...

Anyway... I like his tips for eating healthier:

Four Tips to Start Eating Healthy for Less Today

1. Listen to Gandhi. Yes, Gandhi! He said that we should never mistake what is habitual for what is natural. Case in point: Some Chinese are very poor and yet they eat extremely well--small amounts of animal protein, with an abundance of vegetables.

2. Be willing to learn. We have to learn new ways of shopping and eating, new ways of ordering our priorities around our health and nutrition that supports our well-being, even if it is hard at the beginning.

3. Do your research. There are ways to find cheaper sources of produce, whole grains, beans, nuts, and lean animal protein. You just need to seek them out. It doesn't all have to be organic. Simply switching from processed foods to whole foods is a HUGE step in the right direction.

4. Make an effort. Eating healthy does take more planning. It may require you to find new places to hunt and gather for your family. You might have to reorder your priorities regarding where you spend your money and your time so that you can make healthier eating choices.

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Anonymous said...

Tonight I thought of this journey to be more organic as my organic pizza dough FLOPPED and had to be turned into something with lots of garlic, eggplant, basil and zucchini on top of plain ol' pasta! We were hungry after a 15 mile bike hike, so it tasted pretty WONDERFUL! Tomorrow night, it is kale again....we'll see how that goes!

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