Buying Organic and... BIG LOTS

I know what you're thinking... no way!

I was at the mall today to go for an indoor AC walk - and I walked through Big Lots... to my surprise there was a decent selection of canned organic veggies, cereal and baby food.  I am not to big to buy groceries at the mall... so I did for $7... score.

Today I am working hard to start preparing for my son's birthday tomorrow. 

Here is the menu (the parts that I am making):

Chips (organic)
Salsa (organic)

Sausage (grain fed/local) & Peppers (organic)
Spareribs (grain fed/local)
Beans (organic)

Strawberry/Rasberry Lemonade (organic/local)
Iced Green Tea

I shopped a few places for these items: Big Y, a local farmers' market, and a local meat farm.  We are lucky that we have these options for our family! 

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